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Since 1916, Allied Locksmiths of Youngstown has served the Mahoning Valley. Originally known as the Card and Key Shop, Allied Locksmiths has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Through various owners over the years this establishment has have various sidelines, among them have been sharpening, luggage repair, gunsmithing, and other lines in the hunting and fishing areas.

Today Allied Locksmiths specializes in the physical security field. We provide service on virtually all brands and types of locks, keys and safes.

Allied Locksmiths of Youngstown is a proud participant in the Proficiency Registration Program (PRP) of the Associated Locksmiths of America Inc. (ALOA). ALOA's PRP program certifies locksmiths on three levels: CRL- Certified Registered Locksmith, CPL-Certified Professional Locksmith, and it's highest level, CML-Certified Master Locksmith.

A big part of our business involves automotive locks. Fitting keys, opening cars and auto lock repair. Many new car dealers and body shops rely on our lock matchwork to better serve their customers. Lock matchwork involves providing or rekeying a replacement lock to fit the customers existing key. This means fewer keys for the vehicle and a more satisfied customer. Many dealers even send their customer to our shop for lock repair since we can generally service the auto lock quicker and cheaper than they can. Of course we have many customers who come to us directly when there is a problem with one or more of their vehicle locks.

Safe and vault sales and service are another of our specialties. We stock a wide variety of sizes and types of safes both new and used and can custom order most any type of safe needed. Many safe manufacturers call on us for installation or warranty services on their products. We also open safes that have been burglarized or are malfunctioning, or have no combination or keys. We also have access to the top safe opener in the country, Skip Eckert, CML, for those really hard to open High Security safes and Bank Vaults. We WILL get the toughest safe open and repaired and back into service quickly.

Have a problem with key control? Allied features Medeco and Assa high security locks with keys that only we can reproduce. Masterkey systems done the right way, exit control locks, and commercial storefront locks are an everyday occurrence for us. Already have good locks but don't know who has keys? We can REKEY your locks and provide new, different keys. Has someone left your business that knows your safe combination'? We will change it. We also service all brands of "Best" type interchangeable core lock cylinders.

Allied Locksmiths of Youngstown maintains a fleet of 3 two-way radio-equipped trucks for fast service. We service most of Northeastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania with occasional trips to Northern West Virginia. It is not uncommon for one of our chain accounts to send us on a 75 or 100 mile call because we often can provide services that others can't do.

Check this list of locks & safes that we sell, service and install.

Certified Master Locksmith Owner: Anthony Ramunno, CML
(Certified Master Locksmith)
Certified Professional Locksmith Robert F. Ramunno, CPL
(Certified Professional Locksmith)
Certified Professional Locksmith John Ramunno, CPL
(Certified Professional Locksmith)
Certified Registered Locksmith Steve Dudik, CRL
(Certified Registered Locksmith)

Gary Mottram, Apprentice

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