Security Tips


For Optimum Security

Before leaving

Stop all deliveries for mail, newspaper,arrange handbill pickup.
Let neighbor and police know when you are leaving and returning.
Leave shades and blinds in normal positions.
Arrange for lawn mowing, snow shoveling, etc.
Set up timers for lights in house.
Have first aid kit, flashlight and flares in car.
Make a list to take along of phone numbers of neighbors, friends.
Lock all doors and windows, turn off stove, coffee pot.
Record serial numbers, descriptions of valuables going on trip.
On the road
Never leave valuables unattended in vehicle or hotel room.
Don't accept a room next to a stairwell in a hotel.
Use travelers checks and credit cards when possible.
Ask for carbon copies from charge slips.
List phone numbers for credit card and card numbers in separate place from cards.
Lock car doors at all times, even while moving.
Witness any repair work on your vehicle.
Don't give personal information to strangers.
Don't give your house keys to parking attendants.
Don't leave children unattended.
Upon returning
Check doors and windows before entering.
If any are open, DON'T ENTER, CALL THE POLICE.
Start deliveries again, let neighbors know you have returned.


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